Editorial Reviews. Review. Susan Wiggs Irresistible and passionate a truly winning debut novel. About the Author. Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times. In her exhilarating debut novel, Kresley Cole captures the drama, passion, and boundless adventure of the high seas — as one fiery lass finds herself caught in a . The captain of all pleasures. [Kresley Cole] — In her exhilarating debut novel, Kresley Cole captures the drama, passion, and boundless adventure of the high .

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He doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t correct him.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. He was miserable and failed to find her each time except at the end.

The Captain

Added by 1 of krssley members. Derek readily accepts the challenge of besting Nicole, and the two become determined to defeat the other at any cost, including trickery, deception, even seduction The parties of seamen, the crimps, the colorful doxies acted like skittish animals when forced to walk past his table. Her breath shuddered out. So when her ship goes down in a storm, he takes her and her crew captive.

What a waste, she mused acidly as she turned away. Captain Derek Sutherland, her father’s most bitter enemy, sees her there. So why could she still feel his warm, strong fingers firm on her wrist? Kres,ey asleep on the job. Cancel Forgot your password?


The play of emotions over her face must have amused the scarred man, because he grinned, revealing teeth that resembled little chunks of charred wood. Victorian England on the high seas is as vivid as can be pictured in this action-packed historical romance. Only a win in the prestigious sailing race from London to Sydney can save Lassiter’s heavily leveraged company or Sutherland’s reputation.

Hell, it’s because of men like Sutherland that you shouldn’t be in a place like that. Como ven, captaun empieza de la mejor manera krealey.

She flexed and closed her fingers as she fought for control. Nicole marched toward him through a gauntlet of human sweat, gin-spiked breath, and loose, unlaced bodies. Learn more about Kresley at: It made a three weeks’ stay in Scotland necessary before you could actually get married there.

Also, there were some conflicts caused by lack of direct communication between them. Sutherland initiates Nicole into the erotic pleasures of foreplay. If you want an unusual and sensual love story in a different setting, with honest characters and situations, The Captain of All Pleasures is it.

The story xole centered around two od shipping companies in 19th century England, and two competing captains plrasures English Earl, Captain Derek Sutherland, and the American Captain, Jason Lassitereach of whom must win the Great Race from London to Sydney to survive. His sizzling kisses leave her longing, but pleasurs they share a night of passion, his subsequent disdain makes her blood boil.


Verankerd in mijn hart – Candlelight Historische roman The virgin later firmly ties the sleeping Sutherland to his own bed, intending to escape, but he wakes before she can. She’d — “I’ll shoot you if you try that again. Masts rigged to snap and rudders set to be lost in the first heavy storm made it deadly.

The Captain | Kresley Cole

They wore expensive and tastefully cut clothes, marking them as gentlemen. He looked in it, frowned, then placed it well away from him.

I’m a sucker for pirates. Published March 27th by Pocket Books first published June 1st Muttering a curse, Nicole set her lamp on the floor and reached for the shovel to throw them more feed. The Captain of All Pleasures Author s: It lasted only if before she became serious at the mention of sabotage.